Finally, The Holidays Have Arrived

We have been waiting for the school holidays to arrive for a long time. The temperatures have risen and the first few heat waves are always the worst, the body takes time to adapt. With the heat, the children complain and fight with each other more often. We don’t know how everything has gone yet,... Continue Reading →

The Children’s Clothes

Many of you have written asking me to write a post about clothing: how do I do it with so many kids, how do I dress them… Many of the things that I will explain I grew up with in my family when I was young, so of course, I learned a lot of it... Continue Reading →

One Year

It’s already been a year and I still can’t believe it. I think it’s a nightmare, that I’m still in the middle of a dream, that this isn’t actually happening to me… One year ago Chema left us and went to heaven forever, forever, forever. He left us with a very big void. He was... Continue Reading →

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