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My name is Rosa Pich. I was born in Barcelona just a little more than 50 years ago (yes, I’ve lived more than half a century!) and I’m the eighth of 16 children. In 1989, married my most faithful companion, Chema Postigo. He was the seventh of 14 children.

                Our dream was to have a large family and we had 18 children. The first three kids died due to heart problems and the doctors recommended that we stop trying to have kids—we had 15 more.

                My husband went to heaven on March 6th, 2017. Now he’s watching over us from above.

                I would describe myself as a person with faith, optimistic, happy, in love with my family, a friend to my friends… and much more.

                In 2013 I wrote a book entitled “Rosa, What’s Your Secret? Raising a Large Family with Love”, originally entitled in Spanish, “Cómo Ser Feliz con 1, 2, 3… hijos?” In Spanish it’s currently in its 7th edition and has being translated into many different languages. Together with my husband, we traveled all over Spain and half of the world presenting my book and giving conferences about family.

                When I finished my high school at 17 years old, I began working as a print designer for a textile company. When I was pregnant with my twins, I completed the Executive Development Program (PDD) at IESE Business School. Currently, I work part-time for an event planning company. In my spare time, I enjoy playing paddle.

                Never forget to live a marvelous family life and to serve others with a spirit of joy.

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