Memories of Marriage

July 15th is a very important day for our family, since it is our wedding anniversary. This year would have been our 30th anniversary! 28 years together and 2 years apart. Now he’s up up there in heaven and I’m here taking care of the 15 children who are still alive of the 18 we... Continue Reading →


The long awaited summer vacation is here!! We leave behind the days of waking up early to study for exams and those early rises to take the train twice a week for track practice at school (they have to be there one hour before school starts). They will no longer see their classmates every day... Continue Reading →

Love Makes Us Great

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend time with people that, in certain environments, are not very well accepted. I’ll start by speaking about my personal experience. At home, as you know, I had 18 children with my husband, 8 of whom were born with a disability: a congenital heart defect. We... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Fight

The truth is that I did not like to write anything when I was younger and when I had to write an essay for homework, it was the worst, because I wasn’t very good and usually got a poor grade… And here I am trying to write a post every month. Thank you for your... Continue Reading →

You Can Do It!!

Happy New Year! I think my phrase for this new year is going to be this: You can do it! Despite the problems that concern us, the situation we are in, how we are emotionally, if we have any disease or illness, or if we are alone… You can choose to dream and be happy... Continue Reading →

Christmas Lights

First of all, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! May light and peace reach the whole world! I love to walk around the city and see the beautiful lights that give color to so many hearts. Hope and joy for all people. These past few months I had the opportunity... Continue Reading →

Transition to the Next Life

I don’t want to let this month pass without talking about death, or rather the transition to the next life, as the title of this post suggests. Sometimes, people find this topic quite difficult to talk about and try to hide it from their children. But the thing is, birth and death are simply facts... Continue Reading →

Smile, it’s free :)

You might wonder why I’m writing about this subject right now? Well, for two particular events that happened this past week. First, I’m subscribed to the magazine “Family and Culture” which is published by the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), which helps me with regards to the education of my family and how I... Continue Reading →

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