The Top 10 Movies in the Postigo Family

I’m leaving you with a post that my children helped to write about the 10 most-watch movies in our home.

On the weekends, after eating lunch while Mom and Dad are eating lunch, the kids often like to put on a movie. Many of them are watched over and over again. With the kids we made a list of the 10 movies that they watch the most. It’s not necessarily in order and I’m sure we missed a few, but the TOP 10 would look something like this:

10. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang GIF

What we remember most about this movie from the late 60’s with Dick Van Dyke is probably his original song. I’ll leave you with that here:


9. Annie


She became famous with the musical before she made it to the big screen. The best version (and the one we watch the most in our house) is the one from 1982. Afterwards, they made a few others, but none compare to the original. The best song is “Tomorrow” and after watching this movie, it’s common to hear many of the girls singing it in the hallways or when getting up:


8. The Gnome-Mobile

The Gnome-Mobile

This movie is about a grandfather who is locked up in an asylum, and how his grandchildren take him from there, along with some gnomes that live in a forest that they are trying to destroy. The children are the same protagonists as in Mary Poppins. It’s very entertaining and we have seen it many times.


7. The Magnificent 7


My father, who knew a lot about movies and explained them all to us, loved westerns. In our home, we watched a lot of movies growing up, but this is the one we liked the most.


6. The Disney Classics: Beauty and the Beast, Shrek, Toy Story, The Incredibles…


Disney movies are always playing in our home, even the older kids enjoy watching them sometimes.


5. Mary Poppins


A masterpiece, not only for its songs and acting but also because of its originality. They recently released a movie about how they made Mary Poppins, it’s also quite good.


4. The Sound of Music


We’ve watched this movie many times at home and we often sing the songs together. As the movie also has a very large family, it has many similarities to our own.


3. It’s a Wonderful Life


My mother loved this movie. It’s a Christmas classic. It contains some very beautiful values: the father’s devotion to his family and his town, the love between the protagonists… Wonderful!


2. Life is Beautiful


Another masterpiece. Benigni managed to make a comedy about a subject that nobody ever dared: the Holocaust. It’s a film that not only makes you smile and cry but also makes you think. The love of the father for the mother, how he expresses it, just watch how he loves her… And of course the love of the father for his son and everything he does to keep his son’s innocence from being destroyed by an ideology that did so much damage.

In this film, we can see how the attitude we have towards circumstances that surround us entirely depends on us, and we truly are the owners of our own destiny.

The soundtrack and the “Good Morning, Princess!” are very memorable.


1. The Great Family (La Gran Familia – Spanish Classic)

La Gran Familia

Without a doubt, this movie is the one we have watched the most and the one we identify the most within our family. It was filmed many years ago and is about a family with a lot of children. There are many similarities between our own family as well: the queue for the bathroom, the antics of the young kids, one of the children getting lost, and the love for the grandparents…

Afterwards, they made a second film with the title: The Great Family and One More (La Gran Familia y Uno Más)

Of all these films, what is the one you like the most? Did we forget any movie in particular? 😊

This post was originally published on on July 13th, 2018.

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