The long awaited summer vacation is here!! We leave behind the days of waking up early to study for exams and those early rises to take the train twice a week for track practice at school (they have to be there one hour before school starts). They will no longer see their classmates every day... Continue Reading →

Finally, The Holidays Have Arrived

We have been waiting for the school holidays to arrive for a long time. The temperatures have risen and the first few heat waves are always the worst, the body takes time to adapt. With the heat, the children complain and fight with each other more often. We don’t know how everything has gone yet,... Continue Reading →


      Every summer my kids organize "Master-Chef" in our home. The truth is that my kids love food and never stop eating. I'm pretty sure I know who they get it from...      They organize themselves in groups of two. I'm lucky enough to be the judge and grade them on originality,... Continue Reading →

Holidays: A Diary of Our Day

This end of the school year has been exceptionally hot. Almost every day the temperature has reached about 30 Celsius (86 F). The kids were already exhausted after their final exams and now the heat is making it even worse. But of course, it's important to make our children strong and teach them to push... Continue Reading →

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