To My Brother, Chema

My husband’s brother, Miguel, has just published a book about Chema. Incredible! I have no words. Instead, I’ll leave you with a post that he wrote to introduce his book: Everything that happened surrounding the death of my brother Chema was very fast: nobody imagined such an outcome and much less in such a short... Continue Reading →

Courtship, Preparing to Love

Many of you have asked me to explain my thoughts on courting—so here it is. I hope it helps! When a person is dating someone, they are signaling to society that they are devoting time to getting to know a person in a profound way. When they start dating, every time they meet they have... Continue Reading →

What is Family Enrichment?

     In the 1960s, a group of parents concerned about the education of their children gathered and decided to organize Courses on Family Enrichment. They realized that although they had studied very hard to become good professionals (high school, university, grad school...), no one had ever taught them how to be good parents and... Continue Reading →

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