The Importance of the Father in a Family

Some of you asked me about the figure of the father. And that’s what I’d like to write about today.

The figure of the father is very important. We are all born into a family with a mother and father. When the baby is in the womb he/she needs to hear the deep voice of the father and the sweet voice of the mother. Once the baby is born, it’s important to place the baby on the chest of the mother because the mother’s heartbeat relaxes the baby. The father has tougher skin and when he kisses the baby, he/she might get scratched.

The baby also needs to hold the hand of the tender mother and strong father. It can give the baby security throughout the day to know they have both. Education is the responsibility of both parents. It’s true that the mother with her maternal instinct can see and understand more things, but it’s important to involve the father to reinforce certain themes at the family dinner. The house is the responsibility of both the mother and father, but each has certain abilities that should be taken into consideration. It’s necessary to discuss: “I take care of the food, you was the dishes, I will iron, you put the clothes away, I’ll take care of the pantry, you’re responsible for the study room…” In this way all the tasks are distributed. As the children get older, they should also contribute to the order of the household. It’s necessary to SPEAK about these things and not allow yourself to get frustrated because nobody is helping enough around the house. TELL THEM!! They don’t see our frustration not because they don’t love us, but because they are different and might not realize it.

We have to be sure that our husbands are enthusiastic about the education of the children as well, to spend joyful time with the kids, play sports, go on hikes, even at times when we are tired. And never forget that you can always start over again!


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