Every summer my kids organize "Master-Chef" in our home. The truth is that my kids love food and never stop eating. I'm pretty sure I know who they get it from...      They organize themselves in groups of two. I'm lucky enough to be the judge and grade them on originality,... Continue Reading →

Rafa and the Dishwasher

Rafa is in charge of putting the dishes in the dishwasher on Tuesdays. After dinner, everyone is responsible for taking their dishes and putting them in the washer. However, there’s always some extra studious kid who needs to go and study for an exam tomorrow and so they leave theirs on the table… Every day... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Perico’s Birthday

I remember in my house growing up we celebrated everything: Saints’ Feast Days, birthdays, Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations… multiplied for my siblings and parents… Finally, it seemed like almost every day we had a reason for a party or at least a special cake.                 A few days ago we celebrated Perico’s 24th birthday. We... Continue Reading →

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