Rafa and the Dishwasher

Rafa is in charge of putting the dishes in the dishwasher on Tuesdays. After dinner, everyone is responsible for taking their dishes and putting them in the washer. However, there’s always some extra studious kid who needs to go and study for an exam tomorrow and so they leave theirs on the table… Every day one of my kids is responsible for making sure the dishwasher is full and running before bed, and Rafa, as I said, is responsible on Tuesday. So every Tuesday, his stomach hurts, he’s tired, and he just needs to go to bed… as a compassionate mother, I tell him to go lay down, I’ll take care of it myself. But of course, the squeals of his siblings: “Mom, no! It’s his job, it’s always the same.” Instead, they come and help. It’s beautiful how much the siblings help each other.

                Everyone has to help with the chores, so we all collaborate to make sure everything functions well at home. Every one has their own small chore: From two years old, they make their own bed, fold their pajamas, and clean their rooms… the way we do it is create a list with all the chores that need to be done and each kid puts their name beside the one they’d like to do. If there is one that nobody chooses, this becomes a monthly rotation amongst all the kids.

                What a great opportunity we have to teach our kids! To think of the others without expecting anything in return, although of course we appreciate it when someone thanks us.

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