Celebrating Perico’s Birthday

I remember in my house growing up we celebrated everything: Saints’ Feast Days, birthdays, Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations… multiplied for my siblings and parents… Finally, it seemed like almost every day we had a reason for a party or at least a special cake.

                A few days ago we celebrated Perico’s 24th birthday. We arrived a little late to the house because we were invited to Valencia for a Congress for large families and we participated in the roundtable with the topic, “Large Families: Experts On the Positive Side of Life.”

                So Pepa, Perico’s Goddaughter, decided to make a cake. She’s not exactly the most skilled at baking; in fact, the cake didn’t rise and it didn’t taste too good. But of course several of the siblings kept repeating how hard she worked on it. Pepa also covered the cake with chocolate but Perico didn’t like it too much… However, despite all of this, there was nothing left of the cake when all the kids were done with it. I love seeing how all of the siblings put in so much effort to finish it.

                This summer we will once again play “Master Chef.” We’ll have to see if Pepa can get more fond of cooking… We are all very competitive, I’m sure it will be a great success.

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