New Year, New Fight

The truth is that I did not like to write anything when I was younger and when I had to write an essay for homework, it was the worst, because I wasn’t very good and usually got a poor grade… And here I am trying to write a post every month. Thank you for your... Continue Reading →

You Can Do It!!

Happy New Year! I think my phrase for this new year is going to be this: You can do it! Despite the problems that concern us, the situation we are in, how we are emotionally, if we have any disease or illness, or if we are alone… You can choose to dream and be happy... Continue Reading →

My New Years’ Resolutions

2018 has finally arrived! Happy New Year to all! As I mentioned earlier, we spent this Christmas in Madrid with my husband’s family. We had an amazing time with family: we were with grandma and the rest of the Postigo family, we visited Madrid and Escorial where the King and Queen vacationed, we ate in... Continue Reading →

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