My New Years’ Resolutions

2018 has finally arrived! Happy New Year to all!

As I mentioned earlier, we spent this Christmas in Madrid with my husband’s family. We had an amazing time with family: we were with grandma and the rest of the Postigo family, we visited Madrid and Escorial where the King and Queen vacationed, we ate in La Granja with some friends of my husband… In past years, on the first of January, on our way back to Barcelona, we used to have that feeling in our hearts that comes when you leave somewhere and you won’t be back for a long time, but two nieces and nephews have confirmed they’ll be getting married this year. Two weddings! And I’m sure there will be more, this way we will see each other a few more times this year. It’s so wonderful to watch two young people commit themselves in front of the altar and say, “Yes, I do”, a Yes (with a capital Y) that is forever.

I thought it would be good to start the year with 10 resolutions—10 goals that I will fight to achieve this coming year. In 12 months, I’ll make a list to see how many I have actually completed at the end of the year:

  1. Write one blog post each month (the minimum).
  2. Cross the pond to meet some of followers in North and South America and to give a conference. They have already contacted me to go to Argentina…
  3. Lose one kg per month. 12 kgs for the year (I realize that this resolution will be difficult…)
  4. Spend time with each of my children listening to them every day. Most importantly, I want to try and be quiet and just listen to them speak more.
  5. To spend a little more time in the kitchen preparing something special for my kids to surprise them.
  6. Play two games of paddle each week while continuing my weekly walks.
  7. Spend some more time with my friends each week, eating with them and listening more.
  8. Read one book per month.
  9. Smile, because it’s free and makes life more enjoyable for myself and others. Although sometimes it can be difficult.
  10. Continue to spend time daily in God’s presence, because He gives me the strength and the happiness to keep moving forward.

I encourage you all to make a list of resolutions for this year and write them down, because if you don’t write them down it’s much more difficult to remember them and complete them. And finally, I wish all the best for you and your families this year!

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