New Year, New Fight

The truth is that I did not like to write anything when I was younger and when I had to write an essay for homework, it was the worst, because I wasn’t very good and usually got a poor grade… And here I am trying to write a post every month. Thank you for your encouragement and interest in the blog, because if it were not for you, none of this would be possible. Alluding to my previous post, “Yes You Can.”

As I mentioned on my Instagram, I have been on a retreat these past three days to meditate, think, and do a little evaluation of my life. Where do I want to go? What moves me every morning and urges me to get out of bed? Yes, they are questions that we have to ask ourselves. Is life worth living? Is it worth fighting every day as a family to make the world a better place? We have been created to love: your spouse, your partner, your children, your family, your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors, those we pass on the way to work every morning…

Every morning when I leave my house to go buy bread with whichever child has been chosen, I run into friends that are cleaning the same part of the street every day. One with the broom sweeping the street with the other inside the car collecting all the debris. We all move in a rush early in the morning, the cold is trying and at times it’s even dark. But smiling, greeting with a pleasant comment costs very little. The days when I don’t run into them I feel as if something is missing. They are a part of my daily routine.

New year, new fight. Taking a paper and pencil. Sometimes it’s hard to stop for a moment and think and disconnect from everything. I read the post I made last year and examined myself to see which proposals I have fulfilled and which I still need to improve on. Some I did well, others were halfway completed, and some I failed. Well, when we make these kinds of reflections we understand better where we have to fight harder to improve and make life for those around us more pleasant. I always share these proposals with my children because they help me on a day-to-day basis.

“Mom, do not take seconds of the cake because it’s not part of your diet…” They’re very demanding and they do not let me forget any one of my commitments. Everyone has their flaws and weaknesses. But that’s not an excuse to say, “Well, that’s just who I am.” I tell my children that it’s very important to know how to change, or at least try, and that it’s difficult to be next to someone who does not try to improve on their faults. As you know, everyone in my family has an improvement, myself included. We do family coaching and it works very well for us. Although sometimes our pride makes us angry, because nobody likes to be told to their face what they are doing wrong.

Last year I decided to write a post every month, and, yes, I have accomplished it. I also decided to go to several countries and the world and participate in conferences and was able to accomplish that as well. I’m going to continue this year and the truth is that the agenda is quite full: Korea, Lebanon, Costa Rica, London…

The issue of eating is one of my weaknesses, so losing one kilogram per month was one improvement that I did not succeed in. I love eating with family, with friends, and trying exotic new foods… And I am not going to make a fool of myself by saying that I’m only going to eat a leaf of lettuce. But I will keep fighting because my children deserve a fit mother.

Regarding the time I dedicate to my children, I would like to improve the quality of it—look the in the eyes and try not to multitask when I’m with them. Once, Lolita even moved my head to look at her and listen and not try to do multiple things at the same time. In the kitchen, I also have to work harder, because sometimes the meals can get repetitive. I have to develop my imagination and creativity a bit more. Playing padel once a week is something I need and it releases a lot of the negative energy that runs through my veins. I love it and I enjoy it a lot.

With regards to taking care of my friends at least once a week, it’s been difficult, but I’m continuing to fight. I am reading less than I would like and I have a good stack of books in my study waiting for me. I try to sit with my children every day reading for a while at night.

With regards to smiling more, I’ll also include that I need to look into the eyes of others more and empathize with the person in front of me, because I am somewhat nervous and a little bit hyperactive and it’s difficult sometimes for me to stop. But I will also continue to fight. I am going to give more hugs because it’s also important for people to feel the affection of others, not only in words but also physically. Sometimes I can be a bit cold and my children need this human warmth.

And finally, I can’t forget to set aside daily time to be with God. The days that are overwhelming and I forget to find time to be alone with Him I find myself missing something… Every night I want to stop and think about what I did well today, what I did wrong to ask forgiveness if I have offended someone and what I can do better tomorrow.

New Year, New Fight!

This post was originally published on on February 19th, 2019.

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