Every summer my kids organize "Master-Chef" in our home. The truth is that my kids love food and never stop eating. I'm pretty sure I know who they get it from...      They organize themselves in groups of two. I'm lucky enough to be the judge and grade them on originality,... Continue Reading →

Children’s Guest Post: Assignment

There are people who criticize (often with good intentions) the amount of assignment we give our children at home--they think that the children won't have a happy childhood because they only work and don't have time to play, and that I'm being irresponsible... Perico, my oldest child, has taken the initiative to write this post... Continue Reading →

What is Family Enrichment?

     In the 1960s, a group of parents concerned about the education of their children gathered and decided to organize Courses on Family Enrichment. They realized that although they had studied very hard to become good professionals (high school, university, grad school...), no one had ever taught them how to be good parents and... Continue Reading →

Holidays: A Diary of Our Day

This end of the school year has been exceptionally hot. Almost every day the temperature has reached about 30 Celsius (86 F). The kids were already exhausted after their final exams and now the heat is making it even worse. But of course, it's important to make our children strong and teach them to push... Continue Reading →

Studying and Reading: The Final Stretch

We are at the end of the semester, the kids are exhausted and it’s really hot here in Barcelona (more than 30 Celsius, 86 Farenheit).                 But this is the final stretch! They have to work until the last day. Luckily, they have siblings that are able to help them. Some prefer to study at... Continue Reading →

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