Studying and Reading: The Final Stretch

We are at the end of the semester, the kids are exhausted and it’s really hot here in Barcelona (more than 30 Celsius, 86 Farenheit).

                But this is the final stretch! They have to work until the last day. Luckily, they have siblings that are able to help them. Some prefer to study at night, and others like to get up really early. Study is important for the entirety of one’s life. Not just to get a good job after graduation, but more importantly to better yourself and create a better society. At home I have some that are ready and others that have some work to do. The most important thing is the effort. When I look at their grades, I tend to focus more on their attitude and how much work they put in to each class.

                During summer vacation, every day we work together on a summer notebook. We spend an hour sitting together and working as a team. This way they can’t lose the good habit. And most importantly, we read every single day—it’s so important that they take a liking to reading when they are young. At home, in the middle of the living room is a box full of books for all ages. But it’s important to remember that if we want our children to be readers, they have to see us read. It’s always good to comment on each book that they read in order to better transmit a passion for books.

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